Welcome to Paul Stephen – New Trustee & Associate Treasurer

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I first came across The Theatrical Guild at the 2023 West End Flea Market, where I struck up a conversation with their General Manager, Amanda Parker – who was selling theatre posters at the time, to raise money for Acting for Others. I mentioned that I was previously a show promoter with a passion for theatre but was currently working full time in the finance industry at SG Kleinwort Hambros Bank Ltd. The conversation then turned to the idea of me becoming a TTG Trustee and Associate Treasurer for the Guild, which I am now thrilled to say I am.

Since seeing my first West End production over 30 years ago, the feeling of being in a theatre was like nothing else I had experienced – the orchestra warming up and the excitement of waiting for the curtain to rise – I knew immediately that being a part of this world would be where I feel the most comfortable. This is why joining TTG means so much to me – to be able to give something back to the community of workers that makes the magic happen for theatregoers like me.

So, I look forward to being a part of The Theatrical Guild for many years to come and applying my skills to support the charity’s future development.

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